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I love to take photographs of birds. I have learned a lot about the different types of birds, here in California and in other states. I have several books that I use to identify the specific species of the birds that I photograph. Birds are not always cooperative, so I have learned to be quick and patient. Hope you enjoy what you see here.
Bald Eagle (Magnificent)Bald EagleRed Shouldered HawkRed-Shouldered HawkRed-Shouldered HawkRed-Tailed HawkEagle In FlightGreat Blue HeronTurkey VultureTime To FeastTurkey Vulture (Grounded)Turkey Vulture In FlightGrand WingspanTurkey VultureCowbird (Female)Red-Winged BlackbirdCedar WaxwingHouse FinchCinammon TealA Northern Pintail