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Another great trip to Ireland this year. Although we visited a lot of the old places from other trips, I tried out my new Canon Powershot SX-710-HS on this trip instead of lugging my Canon DSL and lenses to Ireland.
Adare - Red Church DoorAdare - Wooden Church DoorsAdare - Thatched Roof Cottage.1Adare - Thatched Roof Cottage.2Adare - Thatched Roof Cottage.3Adare - Thatched Roof Cottage.4Aughnanure Castle.1Aughnanure Castle.2Aughnanure Castle.3Aughnanure Castle.4Augnanure Castle.5Augnanure Castle.6Aughnanure Castle.7Blarney Castle.1Blarney Castle - Round TowerBlarney Castle - WindowBlarney Castle - TowerBlarney Castle - Looking UpBlarney Castle Gardens.1Blarney Castle Gardens - Art